California Drought: What You Need to Know

Governor Gavin Newsom recently issued an expanded drought emergency proclamation for 50 of California’s 58 counties. However, a drought emergency has not been declared for Orange County and other Southern California counties, as we have the benefit of long-range water resource planning and world-class water technology innovations.

Mesa Water District (Mesa Water) is dedicated to the efficient management of water resources to ensure water reliability in our service area. Its 100% safe, local, reliable groundwater supplies and the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF) ensure we have sufficient water supplies for the community.

Mesa Water will stay apprised of water supply conditions and keep customers informed if the situation changes.

Committed to Ongoing Water Use Efficiency Efforts

The Governor has asked all Californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 15%. Mesa Water supports the statewide effort to encourage all Californians to use water wisely, and offers valuable tips and resources for water efficiency to be used year round.

  1. Plant California-friendly trees and plants: It saves 30-60 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. each day you water.
  2. Adjust sprinkler heads and fix leaks: It saves 12-15 gallons each time you water.
  3. Invest in a smart sprinkler timer: Using a smart sprinkler timer can help save up to 13,500 gallons of water a year.
  4. Report Water Waste: Report water waste to your local water provider.

For additional tips and resources, visit

Mesa Water’s customers have voluntarily made water use efficiency a way of life which will helps us prepare for weather extremes. Thanks to our customers’ efficient water use, during the last statewide drought emergency, we exceeded our state mandated 20 percent conservation without raising rates and negative impacts to our financial standing.

Investments In Our Infrastructure

Because of forward-thinking investments made over the past couple of decades, our local groundwater supplies are recharged through the Groundwater Replenishment System managed by the Orange County Water District (OCWD), which provides 77% of the water served by Mesa Water – and the MWRF provides the rest and can serve up to 50% of our community’s water needs if needed.

Mesa Water is committed to ongoing investments in our infrastructure to ensure local reliability. We are completing the construction of two news wells and will soon begin construction of a pipeline to connect the wells to our main distribution system to increase our local groundwater production capacity.

Thanks to investments like these, and other local reliability projects, Mesa Water is confident that its supplies will continue to meet the water needs of its service area during recurring droughts.

Water Use Efficiency Tips  

For water use efficiency tips, rebates and more, visit Also, be sure to connect with us on social media via Mesa Water’s social media pages: FacebookTwitterInstagram

Report Water Waste

Report water waste in the Mesa Water service area through the online form so that our staff can help address the issue.

Water Resources

Several resources are available to keep you up to date on drought conditions:

State information is available at California Department of Water Resources.

Orange County specific information is available at OCWD.

For local rainfall updates, visit OC Public Works.