FREE Summertime Educational Events Encourage Wise Water Use

Mesa Water Remains a District of Distinction

Be a Mesa Water Saver This Summer

  1. Mesa Water Sponsors Environmental Education

    Mesa Water is sponsoring two unique water education programs -- What About Water and Solar Cup -- led by AP Environmental Science teacher Cristen Rasmussen at Costa Mesa High School (…

  2. Two Operations Employees Advance

    Mesa Water proudly announces advancements by two Operations Department employees— Detlef Goris and Tyler Jernigan.

  3. New Surveys Support Superior Service Standards

    To achieve the mission of satisfying our community’s water needs, Mesa Water District is guided by a strategic plan with seven goals, including the goal to provide outstanding customer servi…

  4. Pipeline Integrity Testing Saves Costs

    Mesa Water’s proactive Pipeline Integrity (index.php?option=com_content view=article id=336 Itemid=180 lang=en) Testing Program provides efficient water system re…

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