Mesa Water was a finalist for the 2018 Clair A. Hill Agency Award for Excellence

Mesa Water’s Pipeline Integrity Program (PiP) creatively and successfully addresses the industry-wide issue of renewing and replacing water system pipelines in an economical, effective, and timely manner. Through the program, Mesa Water® uses a condition-based approach to determine a pipeline’s useful life by conducting nondestructive and destructive testing. Through PiP testing data, Mesa Water successfully demonstrated the useful life estimates of its pipelines is actually 142 years, saving the district and its ratepayers an estimated $230 million dollars over the next 30 years.

California H2O: Flowing for the Future

Mesa Water’s Pipeline Integrity Program was featured in “Investing in Our Future,” part of the Association of California Water Agencies’ (ACWA) California H20: Flowing for the Future video series.

Reservoirs, water mains and wells bring water to you

Mesa Water owns and maintains 317 miles of mainlines, 5,139 mainline valves, 3,383 fire hydrants, 2 booster pump stations, 3 storage reservoirs, and 7 groundwater wells. Our Capital Improvement Plan anticipates ongoing improvements and maintenance to the system through well rehabilitation, distribution systems improvements and pipeline integrity testing and improvement. Water mains have an estimated useful life ranging between 65 and 85 years. Testing pipeline integrity uses a combination of destructive and non-destructive testing to maximize and extend the useful life of each pipeline asset, saving customers money and focusing resources on the system improvements needing the most attention.

Mesa Water’s five clear-water wells pump water from 200-600 feet below the surface and provide up to 75 percent of the water needs for Mesa Water’s service area. The two deep-water wells pump water from 1,200 feet below the surface and provide the remaining water needed for Mesa Water customers. The aquifer extends down to 2,000 feet below the surface.