How it works: Nanofiltration

In honor of the Mesa Water Reliability Facility’s (MWRF) ninth anniversary, we are highlighting the state-of-the-art technology that allows Mesa Water to serve 100% local and reliable water, nanofiltration. 

The MWRF pulls water from deep below ground and has an amber tint from ancient redwoods. The amber-colored water is 12,000 years old and naturally soft, meeting all water quality standards even before treatment. The pulled water moves through a sand separator which removes sand and grains. The water then flows through a cartridge filter that removes particulate matter up to 5 micron, about the width of a human hair! Finally, the water makes its way through the vessels which removes the color by pushing the water through a semi permeable membrane element, only allowing the clean water to pass. 

The purified water then moves into the onsite reservoir before being pumped into the Mesa Water distribution system and eventually out of your faucet.